Cheese makes sandwiches – and life – more fun.

At Thrilled Cheese, we believe fun is the flavor of life. So we’ve mastered the art of mixing and melting *just the right amount* of cheese with meats, eggs, veggies, and more, to bring you some deliciously fun sandwiches. No matter what you’re craving, you can count on us, around the clock, to deliver melt-in-your-mouth goodness straight to your door.

Life is too short and nights are too long to not enjoy hot, melty, flavor-packed sandwiches.
Thrill your everyday.

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thrilled cheese Is a virtual kitchen by

Thrilled Cheese is an online-only, chef-curated restaurant created by Nextbite. We partner with local restaurants and use their existing kitchens to prepare delicious food — when and where you want it. As a result, the restaurants thrive as they serve double the customers; those who dine in and those who order our online-only concepts.

Founded in 2017 by a 4th generation restaurateur, Nextbite has helped thousands of restaurants tackle the challenges of digital menus and delivery, while bringing a variety of mouthwatering cuisines to hundreds of thousands of satisfied customers like you, who are hungry for what’s next.

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